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Why EverFab Is Known For Making the Best Shower For Seniors

best shower for seniors

As EverFab CEO Dan Bryan put it, “We started EverFab with a vision that we would never compromise on quality.” We knew that it would take an eye for precision and extra care to design the best shower for seniors and assisted living communities. Senior living developers have taken notice of this attention to quality and detail — and many present and past clients remain avid fans

But how did we build a reputation for making the best shower for seniors? It all starts with materials and compliance. Here are a few of the things our clients mention most:

Reliable Floors That Balance Accessibility & Drainage

Barrier-free ADA compliant showers have a common issue: water draining out the front and onto the bathroom floor. With little or no threshold (especially for a roll-in design), floor slope towards the drain is the only thing keeping water going in the right direction. At the same time, ADA guidelines required a very shallow slope. There’s little margin for error. 

Any structural flaws can easily lead to improper drainage after installation. Even if it’s only 1 in 100 showers, it’s a huge expense to identify and troubleshoot, since you can rarely spot the issue prior to installation. Post installation fixes are costly and complex. 

EverFab utilizes a reliable, rigid shower bottom plate that’s second to none in the industry for quality and precision. Our proprietary shower bottom is one of our biggest selling points. In addition to ensuring proper support and drainage, our shower bottoms won’t crack, sag, delaminate, or sag over time. Pre-leveled and diamond cut on a custom machine in our factory, EverFab’s bottom plate is constructed of the same composite material we use in all of our shower and tub units.

Fully Backed and Reinforced Shower Walls

Full-height shower wall reinforcement is rare in this industry. The reason why is simple — it takes more material and costs more to make than units that are reinforced only in targeted areas. The material the manufacturer uses for reinforcement is equally important. Many showers are structurally reinforced with plywood or cardboard, which is cheap and superficially effective. However, these materials increase the risk of delamination, warping, and damage over time or due to moisture. 

EverFab showers are always fully backed and reinforced with our proprietary multi-layered fiberglass composite and EverFab Core material. No matter where you want ADA accessories placed, you’ll know the shower is pre-reinforced to accept installation in that area. ADA compliant grab bars in our units are able to support up to four times the weight standard required by the ADA without any additional work by your installers. Load tests from Carlson Testing Inc (CTI) have confirmed our incredible strength performance for peace of mind.

Our code-compliant, through-bolted accessories are sturdier, more sanitary, and cleaner than screwing into wood. At the same time, you have the freedom to decide whether your showers will ship with accessories pre-installed at the factory or in stock condition for later field installation — while remaining fully compliant with ADA standards!

Wide Selection of ADA Compliant Showers For Seniors

In your hunt for the best shower for seniors, you don’t have to settle for compliance alone. Browse our broad lineup of accessible showers to find a model that fits your design aesthetic, bathroom footprint, and the needs of your residents. Here are just a few of your options:

Each model is also highly customizable to your specifications. Consult with the EverFab team today to learn more about what makes our fiberglass units the best shower for seniors and assisted living developments.

ADA & ANSI Product Guide