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What Makes EverFabBath Different From Other Shower Brands?

EverFabBath is Different From Other Shower Brands

Every bathroom project needs to be anchored with a durable shower unit. The shower may not be the focal point in a bathroom design plan, but it will be one of the most used features, which means you need to ensure that you’re working with the very best shower brands. 

Striking that delicate balance between appearance, durable shower construction, accessibility, and installation is easier said than done. The last thing you want is to invest in a shower unit that looks like a great fit on paper, but once it gets to you, it’s damaged, isn’t the model you need, or starts squeaking after a few months of use.

Instead of asking bathroom architects to cross their fingers and hope the shower brands they spec can deliver the quality they need, EverFab goes the extra mile to guarantee that architects get the fiberglass shower units they need. Here are a few of the features that separate EverFab from other shower brands.

Stronger Shower Floor Support

Shower floor cracking and squeaking are the most common failure points with one-piece showers, which is a problem, considering that the shower floor is the foundation that should support the entire fixture. To save costs, most one-piece shower manufacturers support their shower floors using foam, mortar beds, or legs made of PVC or wood. Ultimately, each of these methods has disadvantages that create major headaches for shower installers and end-users.

This is why EverFab has designed a custom “bottom plate” that supports the fixture where it most needs it.

EverFab - bottom plateWe construct each bottom plate from the very same durable composite material our shower units are made with. After pre-leveling and diamond cutting each bottom plate in our production facility with a custom machine, we carefully laminate it onto the finished shower model. This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, but it’s necessary, as it ensures the shower floor won’t crack, squeak, or sag over time. Nobody supports their showers the way EverFab’s bottom plate does, and we’re committed to maintaining that standard.

Lighter, Stronger Units

Each of the fiberglass shower models EverFab offers are constructed from four distinct layers of reinforcing material and uses a higher glass percentage than many of our competitors do, resulting in stronger (but lighter) units. 

shower brands - EverFab construction

We begin creating our showers by applying an extra thick gel coat to an open shower mold. Our polyester gel coat is UV resistant and carefully blended to prohibit bacterial growth. Once the gel coat finish has properly cured, next comes EverFab’s custom blend of reinforcing layers. 

  • Layer 1: Fiberglass is sprayed onto the unit for strength and rolled out to provide smoother handling
  • Layer 2: A coating of spray core fills in lingering air gaps, providing additional strength to the entire structure
  • Layer 3: EverFab’s Core Material follows the unit’s curvature and helps each composite layer chemically bond. It offers a lighter and more durable alternative to the wood or cardboard used by other shower brands.
  • Layer 4: The final fiberglass layer is rolled on by hand (just like the first layer) to provide one more boost to the model’s strength and handling.

Many shower manufacturers rely on a high percentage of calcium sulfate in their construction (it’s cheaper to use and results in units that feel heavier), but EverFab uses more glass and less calcium sulfate. This not only avoids the risk of the unit cracking (due to the rigidity the excess of calcium sulfate creates) but also results in a shower that’s easier to install and transport.

Composite Core Material

At the core of EverFab’s shower construction lies a strengthening core material. This durable material provides a better alternative to wood or cardboard as it absorbs the fiberglass resin allowing a bond between layers above and beneath it. This uncommon material dramatically reduces the overall weight of our showers. Showers that rely on wood can weigh up to 400 pounds, but thanks to EverFab’s composite core material, our showers average around 150 pounds.

This material also provides built-in support needed for the field installation of ADA compliant grab bars and shower seats without cutting into the drywall and adding wood as many contractors have to do.

If you have any questions about the features that separate the best shower brands from the competition or want to learn more about the specific products EverFab offers, get in touch with our team today!

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