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What Accessories Are Required For Code-Compliant Shower Accessibility?

shower accessibility

Shower accessibility requires more than an ADA compliant model (although that’s certainly crucial). For a shower to be truly code-compliant, it also needs a specific set of ADA shower accessories to accommodate the user’s needs.

You can’t have the right accessories without the right ADA compliant shower, though. For example, if you know the primary user of the shower relies on a wheelchair, you will need a roll-in shower unit with either no threshold at all or one that doesn’t exceed ½”. Meanwhile, a transfer shower unit is for users who can transfer themselves from a walker or wheelchair into a standing position within the shower, which means the ADA requirements are different.

What most ADA compliant shower models have in common are the accessories. Here are the three principal ADA shower accessories your model will need to have.

ADA Compliant Grab Bars

Grab bars are an essential feature of shower accessibility and come with requirements of their own. Here are the requirements each ADA compliant shower grab bar must abide by:

  • Ability to support at least 250 pounds of force.
  • Horizontal grab bars must be 33-36” off the floor.
  • Vertical grab bars in transfer showers must be 3-6” over the horizontal bar on the wall.
  • Grab bars must have 1.5” of space from the shower wall.

The grab bars offered here at EverFab come in various models, shapes, and sizes (i.e., U-shaped, L-shaped, and straight grab bars), are available in satin stainless steel and chrome finishes, and come in both flanged and unflanged designs. Every grab bar is also designed to be completely compliant with ADA standards for size and strength. 

ADA Compliant Shower Seat

Transfer and roll-in showers alike must possess an ADA compliant shower seat. The most important requirements dictated by the ADA for shower seats are as follows:

  • Either a rectangular or L-shaped design
  • Must be foldable
  • Installed on the sidewall of the shower, adjacent to the controls
  • Able to withstand up to 250 pounds of weight

EverFab’s ADA compliant shower seat models are built from a durable, water-resistant material capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds of weight. They come in satin stainless steel and chrome finishes, two shapes (standard and L-shaped, per the ADA’s requirements), and can easily be folded against the shower wall.

Shower Kit

There are a lot of options for showerheads, handles, and the like, but your best bet is always going to be an ADA compliant shower kit that includes all of the features and accessories you’ll need. These kits should include the following:

  • Mixing valve (to regulate water temperature to safe, comfortable levels)
  • Trim kit
  • Slide bar
  • Adjustable temperature stop
  • Pressure balancing mechanism

The right shower kit will ensure that every user can easily access the controls they need to have a comfortable, safe shower experience. And when you work with EverFab, we can create an ADA compliant shower model with these accessories pre-installed. 

Even if you don’t have them installed in the factory, our models are built with the internal reinforcement needed to support the later installation of these ADA shower accessories. 

Get in touch with EverFab today to learn more about how to create a bathroom design that prioritizes shower accessibility!

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