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Top ADA Compliant Showers for Senior Living Facilities

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Comfort and safety are top priorities with ADA compliant showers, especially in senior living facilities. Showers for seniors should be designed to feel like home while empowering residents to handle their routines in the easiest way possible. Code compliance will also require strict adherence to ADA standards for elements like floor slope and threshold height. 

Our top ADA compliant showers at EverFab offer you several formats and accessible design features to suit the needs of your space and your residents. Here are the three models we’d recommend taking a look at as you evaluate your options:


5' Tub-Shower Combo Unit

If your clientele is more physically able or the spillover of water onto the floor is a major concern, a tub-shower combo can provide excellent versatility coupled with fully ADA compliant conveniences such as grab bars and shower seats.

Our ADA tub-shower is a one-piece fiberglass unit with durability and crack-resistance that’s head and shoulders above the competition. The proprietary EverFab core material provides unparalleled reinforcement and longevity to your showers for reliable accessory affixments wherever they’re needed. Users will appreciate the 39-gallon capacity and anti-slip floor on this handmade design.


5' Roll-In Shower with Shelf

Our spacious ADA 5’ roll-in shower design features a convenient shelf along the back edge for bottles, soap, and other personal items. This is not a common sight in ADA compliant showers, but our unit is fully aligned to ANSI, CA Title 24, Washington Administrative Code, and ADA standards. Avoid a clinical feel in your accessible bathroom and give your residents the comfortable and familiar shower experience they’ve always had at home. 

Whether you intend to use the shelf shower for commercial or residential environments, the 145 pound weight and pre-leveled bottom plate will make it easy to carry and install. Each unit is available in your choice of 1⅝”, 1”, or ¼” no-recess thresholds.


3' Transfer Shower with Return Flange and Shelf

More compact bathroom layouts can still enjoy 100% ADA compliant shower designs, as demonstrated by this easy-to-use ADA 3’ transfer shower. The shelf along the back provides home-like comfort without compromising on code compliance, and the smaller footprint of this model will fit in most bathrooms where a transfer-style shower will be appropriate and rolling a wheelchair into the shower is not necessary.

The design of this unit maximizes its comfortable clear floor space of 36” x 36” while offering your choice of 1⅜” or ⅝" threshold height. You can trust in EverFab’s rock-solid 30 year warranty with our durable ADA compliant showers of all sizes.


Check Out More ADA Compliant Showers From EverFab

Our lineup of fully compliant ADA shower units gives you the flexibility to select the right shower for the job without worrying about whether they’ll meet code — we’ve taken care of that part. EverFab knows what it takes to handcraft the perfect accessible shower, and we’re excited to work with you as you outfit senior living facilities with showers that will stand the test of time.

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