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Top Accessories to Include In a Commercial Shower Project

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In a commercial shower project, the most impactful accessories will boost accessibility and functionality for the widest possible group of users. It’s also critical that these features stand up to a long tour of duty over many years of use in a commercial setting.  

Here are the top five commercial shower accessories we’d recommend considering for your next project: 

1. ADA Compliant Grab Bars

Ideal grab bars will meet ANSI, ADA, and other standards for accessibility while also providing comfort and convenience to everyday users. We recommend stainless steel, satin, and chrome metallic finishes, which are timeless, durable, and sleek. 

When you work with EverFab, you’ll have the option to either have your grab bars installed in advance at our factory or shipped separately and field-installed wherever and whenever necessary. Our shower units feature fully reinforced backing to support up to 250lbs of weight no matter where you install these fiberglass shower accessories on the unit’s walls.  


A folding shower seat gives your shower versatility and accessibility all at once. Prioritize seats made with water-resistant materials and high weight thresholds for extended performance with users of all sizes.

Folding shower seats from EverFab are strictly compliant with ADA and ANSI standards and will support up to 1,000lbs. Once again, you have the freedom to choose a factory install or a field install without any need for additional reinforcement.

3. Recessed Soap Dish

Many commercial fiberglass shower units lack adequate space for storing bottles, soaps, and achieving a home-like feel. Go the extra mile with a recessed stainless steel soap dish that is durable, easy to clean, convenient for users of your commercial shower units.

A metal lip helps to contain the soap and keep the shower safe for users who have trouble bending to retrieve dropped items. Soap dishes are one of the easiest and quickest commercial shower accessories to install for a large improvement in functionality. 

4. Rubber Shower Dam

One of the most common frustrations with ADA commercial transfer showers is the spillage of water onto the floor outside of the unit. Some degree of spray or overflow is natural in a no threshold or low threshold design, but you can minimize this with a rubber shower dam.

EverFab offers collapsible and easy to install rubber dams that will keep your shower ADA compliant while preventing water from spilling onto the floor. Cut the dam to fit the shape of your shower, put it in place, and keep the floor slip-free.

5. Slide Bar Shower Kit

A full slide bar shower kit works wonders for an ADA compliant commercial shower design. The slide bar will make your shower functional for users of all heights while blending in seamlessly with any ADA compliant grab bars you also have installed on the unit.

A full kit will provide you with a mixing valve, trim kit, ADA compliant lever-style handle, adjustable temperature stop, slide bar, and other tools to maximize the aesthetics and operability of your commercial shower.

Check out these options and more of our commercial shower accessories at EverFab to keep your next shower project compliant, functional, and durable.

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