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This One Piece Shower Unit is the Royal Flush of Compliance

When designing a safe and accessible bathroom, code compliance is of the utmost importance. Accessibility codes exist to promote safety and ensure consistency. If you’re looking for a code compliant shower unit, our roll-in shower is a high-quality one piece shower unit that complies with all of the standards that are set forth in four different codes!

Our 5’ roll-in shower, the S6339A model, is the pinnacle of code-compliant accessible shower designs. As a roll-in stall, it’s designed for wheelchair users, and with a clear floor space of 60 ¼″x 36 ⅜″, it’s got the size to prove it. Not only does this shower have plenty of space to move around inside, but its anti-slip floor design also ensures that users can walk or wheel around the shower safely.

EverFab's S6339A shower unit


Safety is at the forefront of every feature this shower has. Like all EverFab showers, it has our strength-tested bottom plate. The EverFab bottom plate is a one-piece composite designed to address the most common failure point in shower construction. It features multiple floor touchpoints to promote balance, and it’s constructed using the same durable materials that we use in all of our fiberglass shower stalls. In order to eliminate the risk of the shower bottom breaking, distorting, or decaying over time, our bottom plate is laminated to the shower unit’s base for complete security.



The bottom of this shower isn’t its only strong area. Our 5’ roll-in shower has built-in reinforcements. It’s constructed out of two layers of fiberglass reinforced composite, which are further reinforced by the layer of polyester spray core between them, all of which are finished with an unsaturated polyester gel coat. This durable construction gives our shower stalls the strength needed to support ADA compliant accessories like grab bars and seats.

The EverFab 5’ roll-in shower is also comparatively lightweight. One piece shower units can be heavy, which causes difficulties during shipping and installation. Because heavy shower stalls are difficult to maneuver, they can be prone to sustaining damage during shipping and delivery. This accessible shower stall is only 155 pounds, making it much easier to ship and install than most prefabricated shower units. The unit is so lightweight because of its fiberglass construction, so damage during shipping, delivery, and installation is a nonissue.



This durable shower stall is also crack and chip resistant, and here at EverFab, we’re so confident in the quality and longevity of our one piece shower units that we offer a 30-year limited warranty. You can trust that our showers will maintain their high level of strength and safety over time.

With all of its many features and virtues, the EverFab 5’ roll-in shower is compliant with ANSI, CA Title 24, Washington Administrative Code (WAC), and ADA standards, making it the ultimate safe and accessible shower stall for any residential or commercial bathroom design.


ADA & ANSI Product Guide