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The Four Best 3' Fiberglass Shower Stalls for ADA Compliance

If you’re building a compact accessible bathroom and need the perfect fiberglass shower stall for ADA compliance, check out these four 3’ prefabricated shower units.

S3637 One-Piece Shower

This 3-foot one-piece shower stall unit is ideal for a small residential bathroom. It’s a fiberglass shower constructed from four layers of reinforced material, making it reliable, durable, and lightweight. The unit is only 115 pounds, so it’s easy to transport and install.

The unit is finished with a stain-resistant white gel coat that is not only stain-resistant but also serves as an additional layer of protection against cracks and chips.

Its floor is designed to prevent slipping and it has EverFab’s signature strength-tested bottom plate to ensure longevity, which is backed up by the 30-year limited warranty that this shower stall comes with.

With a clear floor space of 32 ½” x 32 ½”, a skirt height of 6”, and a distance of 2” above rough plumbing, this shower stall is perfect for anyone looking for a compact, no-frills accessible shower stall.


S3839A Transfer Shower Stall

The S3839A fiberglass transfer shower stall is the perfect transfer shower for wheelchair users. This shower is ANSI and ADA compliant with an anti-slip floor and built-in reinforcements to support the grab bar and seat.

Composed of two layers of fiberglass reinforced composite, a polyester spray layer, and an unsaturated polyester gel coat finish, this shower stall is resilient against cracks, chips, stains, distortion, and damage.

With a clear floor space of 36”x36” and a choice between a threshold height of 1 3⁄8” or 5⁄8”, this 120-pound fiberglass shower unit is compatible with a wide variety of accessible bathroom designs.


S3839RFB Shower with Return Flange

For those in search of a one-piece fiberglass shower stall unit that won’t bend, crack, or chip, the perfect model is the S3839RFB. With a construction that uses two distinct layers of hand-rolled fiberglass reinforced composite, a middle layer of polyester spray core, and a polyester gel coat finish, this shower stall unit is incredibly durable and complies with ANSI Type B and FHA accessibility requirements.

Its anti-slip floor offers 36”x36” of space and its several layers of structural reinforcement equip it to support the field installation of ADA compliant accessories such as grab bars and seats. At a lightweight 125 pounds, this one-piece shower unit is easy to install in any bathroom.


SS3842RFA Transfer Shower with Return Flange and Shelf

The second transfer shower on this list, the SS3842RFA model shower unit differentiates itself via its flange and shelf. This shower offers ANSI and ADA compliance and high versatility. Its floor space is 36”x36” and it can have a threshold height of 1⅜” or ⅝", depending on the needs of the space.

Weighing in at 120 pounds, this shower unit has a pre-leveled bottom plate that requires no mortar or leveling; between its light weight and the pre-leveled plate, this shower unit is a breeze to install.

Like all of EverFab’s fiberglass shower stalls, this unit comes with a 30-year limited warranty so you can count on its continued accessibility and strength.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these units, you can contact us today!

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