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The Benefits of a T-Shaped Shower Dam

There’s so much more to an accessible shower stall than just the shower itself. When you’re designing an accessible bathroom, there are so many considerations to be mindful of and amenities to include. One such amenity which is so often overlooked, despite its usefulness and importance, is the shower dam.

A shower dam is a thin strip of flexible material, often rubber, designed to be installed on the outer edge of a wheelchair-accessible shower. Accessible showers don’t have curbs and are instead flat to the ground so that wheelchair users can easily roll in and out.

The Purpose of a Shower Dam

Without a shower dam, there’s no barrier to contain the water inside the shower, which can not only be messy but, long-term, can lead to water damage. Because shower dams are soft, flexible, and collapsible, they allow wheelchair users to roll right into their accessible shower stalls without risking a mess.

Shower dams come in two primary varieties. The standard shower dam is thicker and rounded, shaped almost like a rubber tunnel. T-shaped shower dams are, unsurprisingly, constructed in a t-shape; t-shaped dams have a strip of material that lays flush against the ground with a singular, thin ridge of rubber protruding upwards from its center.

Both standard and t-shaped shower dams get the job done, but t-shaped dams have some unique benefits. So, what are the benefits of a t-shaped shower dam?


T-shaped shower dams are thin and lightweight! They’ll collapse especially easily under a wheel.


Because t-shaped dams are small and in no way bulky, they’re hardly visible and blend seamlessly with any bathroom design.


Despite having less material than other shower dam designs, t-shaped dams are just as effective!


T-shaped dams are so simple that they can be installed in any barrier-free shower!


T-shaped dams can be reduced in length to fit shower stalls of any size.


Because they’re collapsible, t-shaped shower dams don’t affect ADA compliance. They provide the benefit of preventing water spills without compromising accessibility or code compliance.

EverFab’s t-shaped EverDam is the premier t-shaped dam on the market. The t-shaped EverDam is sleek, easy to install, and completely ADA compliant. It can easily be cut down from its length of 60 inches to fit any of EverFab’s accessible fiberglass showers and even once the dam is installed, the showers will remain code compliant. The EverDam is also highly effective, adding a water capacity of up to 12 pounds to any shower stall it’s installed in.

If you’re interested in seeing the benefits of the t-shaped EverDam for yourself, get in touch with our team and book a consultation.

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