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The Shower Stall Design Elements Most Bathrooms Are Missing

shower stall design

Developing a bathroom requires a certain degree of pickiness, especially in shower construction and design. You can go for the cheapest option, but the most affordable shower stalls aren’t always the most valuable and can end up costing you more in the long run. If you want to get the most value from your shower stall design, make sure you prioritize the following features. 

A Stronger Shower Bottom Plate

Few places are more susceptible to cracks, chips, and other structural damage in bathroom construction than the shower bottom plate. When shower stall design relies on rigid, heavy materials (like calcium sulfate), it creates a product prone to damage in transit and installation. That damage may look cosmetic, but in reality, it can often compromise the integrity of the entire unit.

The best shower stall design will always have a solution for this. As you compare your options, make sure you look into the type of materials or designs used in the construction of the bottom plate. This will tell you a lot about the unit’s overall quality and whether it will live up to the users’ needs and expectations. 

Accessibility Compliant Accessories

Not every shower stall design requires accessories, but the most valuable ones often do. These accessories can be as dramatic as a pre-installed shower seat or as simple as a soap dish, but they are often part of the best shower designs. 

Even if your project doesn’t require a shower with ADA compliant accessories—or accessories in general—selecting a unit designed to accommodate those accessories’ later installation is always a wise decision. Suppose a user experiences an injury or someone new moves in who needs a shower stall designed for accessibility. In that case, it will be far easier (and more affordable) to have the necessary accessories installed on an existing model instead of purchasing and installing a new unit entirely.

Durable Shower Construction

Durability lies at the core of all the best shower designs, and it’s certainly the foundational quality that separates the highest-quality units from the rest. Not only will a durable shower have a better bottom plate, but it will also have the reinforcement needed to support the future installation of ADA compliant shower grab bars, seats, and other accessories. 

A durable shower stall design doesn’t necessarily entail a heavy design, either. For example, the one-piece fiberglass shower stalls EverFab manufactures use more glass and less calcium sulfate in their designs. This leads to lighter, stronger units that can be installed easier than heavier alternatives.

EverFab prides itself on the handmade, durable, and accessible construction of its fiberglass shower stalls. Our team of artisans has decades of experience in the bathroom manufacturing world. We are collectively committed to helping our customers find (and customize!) the best shower stall designs possible.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the unmatched durability of our products.

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