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Revit Shower Families from EverFabBath

Revit Shower Documents

The introduction of 3D modeling technology provided architects with more resources than they ever had before. No longer was a bathroom architecture design limited to a 2D-plane; designers and architects now had the unique ability to create a 3D model that could accurately reflect their final design while still housing all of the information needed to construct the final structure.

Revit shower families are a natural part of this. Revit is a software program that can be used to “convert construction designs into intelligent models” and is a handy tool for architects looking to create every aspect of their design in one place. Revit families are project elements divided into categories such as doors, light fixtures, or furniture. EverFab has put significant time and effort into the creation of Revit shower families for every product it offers.

Streamline the Design Process with EverFab’s Shower Families

Above all else, Revit is a collaboration tool. Instead of forcing designers and architects to create 2D plans in one program and create 3D mockups in another, Revit offers a smarter alternative. Revit allows collaboration between as many users as needed, stores all of a project’s information in the same place, and gives you an end-to-end solution to design management that you can use to generate product schedules and show off your designs to clients. 

One of the major selling points EverFab offers to customers are high-quality Revit shower families. Unlike some manufacturers, EverFab provides their Revit families for free. After downloading our Revit families, you’ll be able to choose what accessories you want to include in your design and ensure that your complying with the appropriate accessibility codes.

For example, suppose you’re designing an ADA compliant bathroom. In that case, you can select one of our families and choose the option with whatever ADA compliant grab bars and shower seats you want or need to meet the necessary accessibility requirements. Each of our shower families includes descriptions that outline which accessibility code each accessory configuration complies with: ADA, ANSI, FHA, etc. We even have constraints in our Revit shower families to help designers comply with accessibility codes by showing where to place the shower controls.

If you want to download Revit families without bogging down your project or computer software, EverFab has you covered there, too. Where poorly made or outsourced Revit families can take forever to render, making navigation painfully slow or forcing the system to crash, EverFab’s Revit families won’t cause any slowdown or crashing at all. Revit is all about convenience, after all.

Find the Perfect Shower Model

Thanks to EverFab’s partnership with BimSmith and BimObject, it’s easier than ever to browse and compare our different handmade shower models. If you want to review the entire EverFab Revit shower catalog, you can do so on BIMsmith Market, BimObject, or EverFab’s website. If you’re going to look into critical technical documents and dive deeper into each model’s specs, you can do that, too.

If you have any questions about the fiberglass shower units EverFab offers, contact our team today or simply download the Revit document files we offer! Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to create an architectural bathroom design that meets your client’s needs.

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