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Material Shortages, Production Cuts, Order Delays...Are Showers Next?


Shortages of raw materials and other early supply chain components have hit manufacturers of every stripe—from resins to fiberglass, PVC, and more. Not to mention the many unexpected market disruptions from COVID-19 to the Texas ice storms to the Suez Canal.

This can be nerve-wracking when you’ve got tight deadlines to meet on your construction project and nowhere to turn. 

That’s why we’re proud to report that none of our customers have experienced delays or shortages, even in the midst of industry-wide disruption.

In an effort to help our customers plan and succeed, we want to take a moment to answer a few pressing questions and assure you that we’re doing everything we can to keep our production—and your projects—moving forward.

Are fiberglass showers going to be in short supply next?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that it’s been tough to get PVC piping for a recent development project. You may be wondering: What about all those fiberglass shower units we need? Are those next? The reality is that it’s likely many of your typical vendors are having a hard time finding materials. 

The majority of fiberglass shower manufacturers have had to reduce production volume or cut it off entirely while they work to resolve their sourcing issues. It took a while, but the market caught up with fiberglass, which has recently encountered the same kind of supply/demand shortages that affected semiconductors in 2020. Sadly, some firms in the fiberglass and resin industries have had to resort to layoffs. This puts a return to supply chain capacity in the immediate future even further in doubt. 

Will my EverFab orders be delayed or short?

Thankfully, with some smart planning and creative problem solving, EverFab has been able to keep high-quality, durable showers in full supply. We’ve been able to source raw materials and keep production going, in spite of the current challenges, by working closely with our resilient and diverse network of trusted vendors. When you place an order with EverFab, you can trust that you won’t experience the kinds of delays that have plagued so many.  

Our facility has certainly been affected by the economic challenges of the past year, but there’s been no obstacle we weren’t able to overcome with ingenuity and planning ahead. EverFab deliveries have stayed on track and provided a seamless customer experience through it all. Slowdowns elsewhere won’t prevent you from receiving a reliable, transparent, punctual delivery as a valued EverFab customer.

No Compromises In Quality.

Our EverFab Core Material is as strong and battle-tested as ever. No matter what hits the manufacturing sector, you’ll receive the same high-performance, super-durable EverFab showers that you love (and the best fiberglass shower base in the industry).

Quality showers are even better with quality service. Even in a good materials market, we’ve always outperformed the lead times of our competition by leaps and bounds — often by upwards of 25% to 50%. You’ll still enjoy rapid delivery and a lower defect rate than you can get anywhere else, with a warranty rate that’s 10 or even up to 30 times the value you can find with other manufacturers.

Market disruptions haven’t stopped you from needing fiberglass showers, and they won’t stop us from delivering them. You can trust EverFab to deliver beautiful, top-quality fiberglass shower units on time, every time. Get in touch today to get started.

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