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How Fiberglass Shower Units Help You Meet Compliance Codes

If you’re in search of an ADA compliant shower unit for your designs, fiberglass shower units are exactly what you need. With a fiberglass shower, you get the strength, adaptability, and longevity you need for your perfect accessible shower unit.


Fiberglass showers are incredibly strong because the layers of fiberglass they’re constructed with bond together to create a material that’s well reinforced. This means that the accessories in accessible fiberglass showers, such as grab bars, are secure and able to support as much as four times the weight required by the ADA.

This strength isn’t limited to just grab bars. In EverFab’s strength test of fiberglass shower units, the factory-installed shower seats were able to support up to 1,000 pounds of weight without failing or sustaining damage. That means that a shower seat in a prefabricated fiberglass shower unit is strong enough to support as many as five baby elephants.


Fiberglass showers are also adaptable. They’re so soundly made that accessible accessories like grab bars and benches can be installed after the shower’s initial factory fabrication without negatively impacting the integrity or accessibility of the shower. Because fiberglass is such a sturdy material, any accessories added after the unit’s installation will still be able to support sufficient weight to comply with ADA standards.

Having an uncompromisable shower that can safely have new features and accessories installed down the line also leaves you the opportunity to update the shower as needed, should codes change over time.



Fiberglass shower units offer longevity that prefabricated showers made out of other materials can’t compete with. The most common failure point in prefabricated showers is the bottom. EverFab’s fiberglass showers have a completely unique reinforced bottom plate that prevents cracks; and because fiberglass is so durable and resistant to water damage (unless PVC, wood, and other shower materials) there’s no risk of sagging or warping either. Simply put, the bottoms of EverFab’s fiberglass showers don’t have the same issues with weak points and warping that other prefabricated shower units so often do.

EverFab fiberglass showers also have a polyester spray layer and an unsaturated polyester gel coat finish that helps prevent cracks, chips, and other damage, so the exterior of the shower unit will remain just as immaculate as its accessories and supports. This incredible security and durability offers compliance that lasts.


Ultimately, fiberglass showers not only meet compliance standards and surpass the metrics outlined in the ADA requirements, but they will also maintain that compliance and accessibility over time due to their impressive durability and ability to be updated.

If you’re interested in learning more about EverFab’s durable prefabricated shower units, book a consultation with us today.

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