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Enhance Your Senior Living Architecture With These Stunning Showers

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There’s a stereotype of senior living architecture that suggests it needs to look sterile or clinical in the name of accessibility and code compliance. Nonsense. There’s also no need to break the bank (or your contractors’ backs) with expensive, high-maintenance custom shower installations made from stone or tile. 

A cost-effective, lightweight fiberglass shower can offer a trifecta of strong design criteria: durability, aesthetic appeal, and the convenience residents need to handle their routines independently in an environment that feels like home.

The three stunning models below exemplify some of what’s possible with the right fiberglass shower units for senior living architecture. They’re all compatible with accessible design features, too!

5’ Roll-in Shower With Simulated Tile and Recess (S6336TIA)

The eye is drawn immediately to the recessed band that runs along the center of this roll-in shower unit’s back wall. This recess allows installers or end-users to inlay real tile for a splash of contrasting color that blends seamlessly into the bathroom’s aesthetic. 

The rest of the shower continues the tile theme with a 12-inch by 24-inch simulated tile pattern built into the surface of the fiberglass. Bring the homey comfort and elegance of a tile shower your assisted living architecture or independent senior housing apartment with this ADA and ANSI compliant shower.

It stands the test of time, too. With EverFab’s proprietary blend of hand-rolled fiberglass layers, a gel coat finish, and our celebrated reinforced bottom plate, installation is simple and the unit will last for many years.

5' Tub-Shower Combo Unit With Shelf (TSS6032A)

Tub-shower combo units are ideal for residents who are more physically able or when spillover of water onto the floor is a concern. Users will enjoy the more versatile experience, too, with the ability to bathe or shower as preferred in an attractive, elegant tub-shower that’s durable, safe, and meets strict compliance codes.

The convenient soap ledge along the back edge of the tub-shower is what makes it truly stand out. Give your residents a place to store bottles, soap, and other personal items — a rare sight in an ADA compliant unit! The shelf provides a comfortable and familiar shower experience to residents and helps them feel right at home.

Full-height reinforcement makes it possible to place ADA compliant grab bars along the walls or install an ADA shower seat right in the factory, during installation, or later on down the line. At only 135 pounds in its stock condition, this unit is incredibly simple to install.

5’ Roll-Shower With Simulated Tile (S6336TA)

Like the 5’ shower with the recessed band, this unit boasts an attractive 12 inch by 24 inch simulated tile texture along the back and side walls. Some installations may favor the simpler and faster setup that requires no attention to a recessed band for additional tiling. Note that the fully reinforced back allows for the pre-or-post install of accessories in convenient locations anywhere on the shower walls (no recess to get in the way!). Consider grab bars and folding seats for the ultimate in accessibility for this ADA compliant fiberglass shower. 

Stay Compliant With EverFab ADA Fiberglass Showers

This is just a sample of EverFab’s extensive catalog of accessible shower units. Browse our ADA compliant shower units for more ideas or options as you complete your senior living architecture plans. EverFab proudly offers industry-leading durability in handcrafted showers for assisted living developments and residences for older clientele. Get in touch with us today for a quote!

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