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The Best Bath Tub-Shower Has These 5 Qualities

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When it comes to fiberglass, the best bath tub-shower models emphasize efficiency, durability, and flexibility. EverFab always strives to meet and exceed rigorous standards for our one-piece fiberglass shower units (and tub-shower units like our model TS6032A) by emphasizing what we consider to be the five qualities of the best bath systems.

1. Single-Piece Structure

The best bath tub-shower unit will not have multiple segments or independent components to the basic structure (accessories are okay). A piecemeal unit—perhaps with a separate tub and shower walls—could be easier to transport and install, but it’s really a shortcut that creates inherent weaknesses in the tub and shower, sacrificing strength and a reliable seal for brief conveniences in installation.

Since we’re talking about only the best bath systems, it’s safe to say you want them to last for many years. It’s worth it to accommodate a bit more bulk in transportation for a one-piece design’s longevity, weight tolerance, and watertight, seamless finish.

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2. Lightweight, Easy-to-Transport Composition

The material makeup of a bathtub or shower has a major impact on not only aesthetic appeal and durability, but also the shipping process. At EverFab, we believe that the best bath tub-shower systems must prioritize low weight without compromising strength. 

Fiberglass is an excellent lightweight material, but many of our competitors use too much calcium sulfate in the composition of the fiberglass. The heft of calcium sulfite might lend the illusion of strength, but the opposite is true. We always use more glass and less calcium sulfate in the makeup of our units, which results in a lighter, stronger structure that is less brittle or prone to cracks and is easier to install than the heavier alternatives.

3. Durable, Modern Core Material

Many showers are reinforced with plywood or cardboard. These materials are cheap, easy to use, and effective in the short term, but prone to swelling and distortion (or even separation between material layers) in the long run.  Our proprietary EverFab core material provides a high-strength substrate similar to those used in other fiberglass industries to reinforce boat hulls, bus exteriors, and wind turbine blades. This uncommon material drastically cuts the weight of common wood-reinforced showers from roughly 400 pounds down to an EverFab average of just 150 pounds.

On top of the weight savings, it’s stronger and lasts longer. The EverFab core  material absorbs the fiberglass resin in the layers under and above it, strengthening bonds between layers and making our units the best bath systems available today, with the ideal blend of top-end quality and a cost-effective price point.

4. Reinforced SHOWER BOTTOM

The most common failure point in one-piece showers is the floor. Cracking and squeaking are a total non-starter for any model that claims to be “the best bath tub-shower.” EverFab uses a unique reinforced bottom plate design that supports every unit where it needs it most. Whereas many shower manufacturers will cut corners by supporting the floor with foam, a mortar bed, or legs made of PVC or wood, EverFab always uses the same layered, composite material as the rest of the shower unit. We use a custom machine in our production facility to pre-level and diamond cut each bottom plate in a labor-intensive process that’s well worth the extra effort. We know that our floors won’t crack, squeak, or sag because they’re the best bath shower pans on the market.

5. Flexible, Fully Compliant Design

Finally, every top quality shower unit must balance flexible designs that will fit the dimensions and shape needed by the customer with full ADA compliance. Support for ADA accessories such as shower grab bars, seats, and more is also critical (whether pre-installed at the factory or installed in the future).  

Our fully reinforced shower stalls are fully prepared for flexible future modifications with no risk of compromising compliance or requiring a costly replacement of the full unit. We believe it is worth our time and labor to ensure that every unit can accommodate the later installation of grab bars and other accessories in case a user experiences an injury or a new person moves in who needs an accessible shower stall. Carlson Testing Inc (CTI) has verified the load-bearing capacity of grab bars and seats on all of our ADA compliant shower models, and our products exceed ADA standards by a wide margin

Interested in learning more about the qualities that make EverFab shower and bath units a cut above the rest? Get in touch with our experienced team of craftsmen today.

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