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EverFab Builds the Best Bath Systems for Senior Living Facilities. Here’s How.


The design of the bathroom at a senior living facility plays a critical role in resident self-sufficiency and safety. In addition to a wide entryway and non-slip floor, an ADA compliant shower stall with a wheelchair-friendly, roll-in design is the best bath layout for maximum accessibility.

EverFab manufactures the best bath systems for seniors with a curated product catalog of ADA compliant shower stalls. Our units offer a range of flexible layouts with strength-tested accessibility features like grab bars and folding shower seats (or the proper reinforcement to install such accessories in the future). 

With our team of expert craftsmen, you can be sure the bathrooms in your senior living facility will be optimized for safety, accessibility, and durability through many years of residency.

Our Units Use ADA Standards

ADA and FHA are the two most common sets of accessibility codes used in bathroom architecture. However, there’s a critical difference between the two:

  • ADA compliant showers must be accessible upon installation.
  • FHA compliant showers must only be usable upon installation—they do not require units to be accessible from the beginning with pre-installed grab bars or seats.

In other words, not all accessibility standards are created equal. An FHA-approved shower must be reinforced to support future installation of accessibility features, but you aren’t guaranteed that the factory model is optimal for a senior living facility without additional work on each unit. All EverFab shower stalls comply with ADA standards from the start, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best bath showers for installation at a senior living facility.

We Exceed Compliance Standards

Load tests from Carlson Testing Inc (CTI) have confirmed that our ADA compliant shower units feature well above the strength and durability required by the ADA. For example, our shower grab bars supported double or more of the ADA-defined weight limits in testing. One test even showed that an ADA compliant grab bar was able to support as much as 1,500 pounds of weight (far more than the 250 pounds required by the ADA).

A critical component of this strength is the advantageous ratio of glass-to-calcium-sulfate in the fiberglass of our units. Traditional fiberglass showers often use too much calcium sulfate, resulting in heavier units that are more prone to cracks, chips, and reduced load capacities. EverFab optimizes our showers with more strength and less weight by using a higher glass percentage in the fiberglass.

Our team of expert shower craftsmen are also deeply familiar with all of the compliance standards for durable, accessible shower units, and are ready to provide you with an accessibility code consultation to help you ensure that you’re meeting regulations for a current or upcoming project in a senior living facility. 

Broad Selection of Handicap Accessible Showers

EverFab has a full lineup of handicap accessible models to choose from, including ADA compliant transfer showers and ADA compliant roll-in showers, which are often relied upon in senior living facilities that need a wheelchair accessible bathroom design. These units are fully outfitted with ADA compliant grab bars and shower seats to provide the best bath safety configurations for an older clientele. 

Our designs are also highly flexible and customizable. Consult with the EverFab team today to learn more about what makes our units the best bath systems for a senior living environment and find the right model to suit your needs.

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