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Bathroom Architecture Insights: ADA Shower Stall

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Bathroom architecture encompasses everything from flooring to faucets to the shape and construction of the shower. This means it’s essential to select the right type of shower stall unit, especially if your design needs to comply with ADA accessibility standards.

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the following bathroom architecture insights before finalizing a design.

ADA Shower Stall Requirements

ADA showers must be usable for individuals living with physical disabilities. There are in-depth guidelines to ADA shower stall requirements available on the United States Access Board website, but if you’re looking for an approachable starting point, we have you covered.

Here’s a simple outline of the features an ADA shower stall must abide by

  • Thresholds: Must be no higher than ½” and have to be beveled, rounded, or vertical in their shape.
  • Grab Bars: Must be properly spaced out from other objects in the shower and able to support up to 250 pounds of pressure.
  • Shower Seats: Are not required for an ADA shower stall, but if included, they must withstand up to 250 pounds of weight.

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The purpose of ADA shower stall requirements is to protect individuals with disabilities from discrimination in public, commercial, or government locations. Being ADA compliant is essential if you’re working on a bathroom architecture plan in any of those environments. 

What’s the Difference Between ADA and FHA Standards?

Anyone who has spent time looking at accessibility codes for bathroom architecture will have encountered ADA and FHA standards. While both sets of criteria are important, you need to be familiar with the differences between them. 

The most significant difference between ADA and FHA accessibility standards is this:

  • An ADA compliant shower stall unit is accessible to people with disabilities upon its installation.
  • An FHA compliant shower stall unit is usable upon installation but is not inherently accessible, as it does not require that grab bars and seats come pre-installed.

FHA standards dictate that showers must be reinforced with the strength to support the later installation of these accessories, but they’re not mandated additions. If you’re unsure which standard you need to follow, or want to make sure your bathroom architecture plan covers all the bases, an ADA shower stall is your best bet.

Learn More About ADA Shower Stalls

Get in touch with EverFab today if you’re interested in learning more about the value an ADA shower stall can bring to your architectural bathroom plan. Our team of professionals can help you navigate the often complicated world of accessibility and ensure that your next project is fully compliant with ADA’s standards.

We offer various ADA compliant showers and accessories that provide a level of durability and craftsmanship you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Whether you need a one-piece tub shower combo unit or a compact transfer shower stall, EverFab has the products you need. 

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