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Avoid Delamination with EverFab Commercial Shower Units


The commercial shower industry has a delamination problem. Heavy, cheap plywood backing is common and cost-efficient for manufacturers. However, when wood gets wet (for example, in the rain while awaiting shipping on a wholesaler’s lot), it swells, weakens, bends, and distorts—or worse, starts to rot.

Unfortunately, wood is also one of several substandard materials (including cardboard and PVC) that are most often used to reinforce prefabricated commercial shower stalls.  Take this into consideration when picking a shower manufacturer; you won’t want to work with a brand that has prioritized convenience over quality.

The issues get even worse with fiberglass showers, which rely upon well-bonded layers of fiberglass resin for strength and durability. Plywood or cardboard backing will inhibit the proper bonding of resin layers and can and create peeling, swelling, and separation over time. Delamination of fiberglass layers—or of the shower pan from the unit walls—is one of the leading causes of failure in commercial showers.

At EverFab, we set out to flip the script.  Our proprietary Core Material, shower bottom design, and lamination process are unique in the industry and eliminate the risk of delamination.

Better Bonding With Composites

Rather than wood, PVC, or cardboard, all EverFab commercial shower units are reinforced with our advanced EverFab Core Material, a special hexacomb fiberglass mesh that actually helps each layer in the composite to chemically bond. It also makes our units 50% lighter than wood-backed alternatives. A lighter, more durable unit is much easier to transport and install quickly and without damage.

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Fully Laminated, One-Piece Commercial Showers

Whereas a piecemeal unit with individual elements like a separate shower pan and shower walls is marginally easier to transport, this shortcut also creates inherent weaknesses in the shower. There’s no sense in sacrificing a reliable seal for the one-time convenience of smaller packaging. 

All commercial showers from EverFab are seamless, one-piece shower and shower-tub units with a fully laminated, built-in bottom plate and none of the leak vulnerabilities of multi-piece units. Unnoticed gaps during installation (or due to delamination over time) can create hotspots for mold, rot, leaks to lower floors, and compromises in the support structure.

The World-Class EverFab Bottom Support

EverFab’s seamless commercial shower stalls include a full bottom support structure that makes installation simple (no assembly required!), while minimizing potential points of failure.  

Our unique shower bottom plate design is one of a kind among fiberglass commercial showers. It’s a one-piece composite that is fully laminated directly onto the base of the shower during fabrication and gives every unit multiple, pre-leveled and diamond-cut floor touchpoints for snug installation. 

Installers just have to slide the shower into place and the EverFab bottom support keeps the unit durable and stable for years to come. No wooden pegs or flimsy PVC legs that lead to cracks or delamination. No painstakingly laid mortar beds required.  The robust EverFab bottom support is sturdier, longer-lasting, and higher quality than anything else you’ll find.

Hand-Rolled With Expert Care

We make our showers by hand.  No robots on the assembly line can replicate the care and expertise of our experienced bathroom artisans, who hand-roll the fiberglass and manually craft every commercial shower unit for every customer. We believe that this meticulous manufacturing process—handled by true quality-obsessed professionals—is what gives us the best commercial showers in the business. There’s no need to fear mass-machine-produced flaws or delamination risks across your whole order with our team on the job.

Is your next commercial shower project coming up soon? Reach out today! We’re excited to discuss the details of your project and offer more info on how EverFab can help.

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