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3 Benefits of a Commercial Shower Unit That Uses EverFab Core Material

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Our unique EverFab Core Material is at the heart of every commercial shower design from EverFab.  This durable material enables our commercial shower units to radically outperform traditional manufacturers who use cost-effective and efficient but substandard wood or cardboard methods to reinforce and back their showers.

What Is the EverFab Core Material?

Our multilayered fiberglass commercial showers use the Core Material as a primary reinforcing element. It takes the form of a fiberglass-derived composite hexacomb mesh that follows the curvature of the unit and helps each composite layer to chemically bond.  The two fiberglass resin layers that our bathroom artisans roll on by hand above and beneath the Core Material absorb easily into the mesh and cure with incredible strength.

Primarily made of fiberglass and calcium sulfate, the high glass ratio in our carefully calibrated blend provides additional durability and weight reduction to the final product. Also, whereas traditional plywood reinforcing materials can result in peeling and delamination between layers down the line, this is no risk with EverFab commercial showers, since the Core actually helps the fiberglass to bond, rather than inhibiting it.

What Are the Biggest Benefits For Commercial Shower Units?

1. Easier to transport and faster to install.

The unique EverFab Core Material material dramatically lowers the total weight of each commercial shower, easing shipping costs, reducing labor, and accelerating installation of the units.  Fiberglass showers that use wood as a reinforcing material can tip the scales at up to 400 pounds, but EverFab commercial showers average just about 150 pounds.  This makes them much easier to lift and move, reducing the risk of drops or damage during transport and installation without sacrificing strength.

The high glass to calcium sulfate ratio also helps keep the weight of our units low. A high percentage of calcium sulfate might make units cheaper for a manufacturer to produce, but the resulting showers will also feel heavier and be more brittle and prone to cracking. This is why we use more glass and less calcium sulfate in our fiberglass composites.

2. Incredible commercial shower strength and durability.

The strength of our commercial shower units has been proven time and again in extensive load tests by Carlson Testing Inc (CTI).  We submitted our S3839A shower and TS6032A tub-shower models for testing, and both certainly impressed in the final results. With the help of our robust EverFab Core Material, both showers demonstrated strength that more than doubled the ADA standards for load tolerance.  

One test of an ADA shower grab bar showed that it could support more than 1,500 pounds before failing. The ADA only requires 250 pounds for code compliance. Yes, we beat the threshold by a multiple of six without wood reinforcement.  The shower structure is all fiberglass.

3. Freedom to install new accessories in the future.

The EverFab Core Material is a full-strength reinforcing support for critical accessories like grab bars, shower seats, and more—and it’s present from top to bottom in every commercial shower unit that we sell.  

Some manufacturers will ship accessories to you, but will not install them beforehand at the factory. We always offer our customers the option to have our accessories pre-installed, but you also have the option to forego accessories and install accessibility features years in the future, should the need ever arise. All of our commercial showers are sufficiently reinforced for later field installation while remaining fully compliant with ADA standards. This would not be possible in traditional commercial bathroom fixtures and showers, which often require cutting into the drywall and adding wood to support new components. Our code-compliant, through-bolted accessories are also sturdier, more sanitary, and cleaner than screwing into wood.

If you’re interested in learning more about the EverFab Core Material and our durable commercial shower options, contact the EverFab team today!

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